Typeface Design Inspiration

While at the RSA In London a few Weeks ago, i found myself talking to an ex-NTU Graduate. He said he now worked for a design agency in London and was interested in a typeface i had just recently created. It was my First typeface and was something i was proud of- but equally aware of its flaws and shortcomings. He then proceeded to inform me of a few ‘Type Foundries’ that might be:

A. Interested in the Typeface

B. Offer Interesting Typeface’s of their own.

I was thrilled to hear that there were foundries out there that hired full-time designers and was quick to look into it. I found a listing for Colophon Foundry, a Type Foundry in London and PlayType in Copenhagen. He also informed me of Type 34 a Foundry that created one of my – now favourite typefaces ‘Ginger’ which was based on the graphic work of Paul Renner and  Herb Lubalin. This also caused me to crate my second typeface named ‘Glacier’.

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