Who the hell is Jack?


Hello there.

My name is Jack Perrett, i started this blog on the 23rd of Janurary 2017- just 12 weeks before the end of my University degree. As i write this i know i sit on the cusp of my future, whatever it may hold. A requirement of my degree is that i maintain a blog or sketchbook of personal development, and since i spend most of my time online – i figured this may be the best place for my thoughts and inspirations anyway.

I’ll try my best to write about only design – related stuff, but i won’t limit it to only that even though technically i’m supposed to. Purely on the premise that i get influence from lots of things, and that creative writing inspires creativity. Also because i want to.

In case you think, hey i’d like to get in touch with this chap my website and email adress are listed below:

Website: jackperrett.co.uk

Email: jackperrett@live.co.uk