Inspirations. Asporations.

So recently i hit a bit of a mind-block. Its always a pain in the arse to have to deal with something like this, my tutor put it down to the ‘confidence trough’. Its Not a pretty situation to me in, he put it to me like this:


So if you are feeling pumped for project its important to remember that feeling might not last. But you have to stick to your guns and it might turn out better than you had planned, given you put the work in.


I take inspiration from those who push the boat out, and try things they haven’t before. I love it when people try new things – its one of my favourite things to experience. Thats why i appreciate it when designers take risks. Some of my Favourite designers include:

  • Milton Glaser: A Design Pioneer, its hard to ignore his work in promotional branding and contributions to music (most notably Bob Dylan) . His work resonates with time and is undeniably genius.
  • David Carson: His work is the biggest fuck you to petite lettering and design i’ve ever witnessed, the chaos and beauty of his work influences me heavily. I think theres something unique in knowing – and subsequently breaking the rules of design. No-one does it better than Carson.
  • Jonathan Barnbrook: From his animation work, to Blackstar and Heathen. Barnbrook pushes the boat and doesn’t have a set style. Thats what i like about him, he wants to try news things and not root himself in any given format.


My Ultimate goal is to never be ‘comfortable’. I want to push myself into new territory as much as i can, i want to lear software, programs i want to code, i want to design, i want to make and sculpt. I want to make sure that by the time i leave this world i have a bookcase full of books i’ve made. Or a wall full of posters i’ve curated. My aspirations are fairly simple, i want to create.


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