My Experience at Fusion II

Today i took a 4 hour seminar on freelance design (fusion session) at the University (NTU). There i learnt about copyright, patent protection, trademarks and TM’s [which are totally different apparently, under a TM you don’t have to pay anything but it limits protection to a minimum as its not a legal form of protection] along with other skills and conversation and networking with some NTU graduates who had gone on to run small business’. We also had a brief chat with Lydia Wafefield, who works for the Association of independent professionals and the self employed who told us that our University (NTU) offered a free membership to their business which helps with freelance pensions and other financial advice along with awards and support.

Overall it was an encouraging experience, but didn’t make light of the risks that freelancing is involved with, nonetheless it was a thought-provoking session. In light of the evidence found in the session i am more skeptical about freelancing than before. If its not setting up an actual business involving clients, and employee’s then i’m not sure its possible without some startup capital or investment. Either way it did let me know that its possible and that perhaps sometime in the future – after working for a company for a while, i could consider it. However currently as a Graphic Design student with only a BA to my name, i don’t think it would be wise to freelance other than a means of getting-by until i land a job and even then, it may be more productive to look elsewhere.

Got this well-designed book, showcasing degree-show protection. Which is coming up, so that’s good. Also learnt the importance of Networking, so if anyone is reading this and thinks they would like to get in touch for whatever reason please do!





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