Somewhat pretentious post about why records are better than any other format

I Promise i’ll only write one post about this.

I like vinyl, it fills me with nostalgia of a time i didn’t exist. Its a paradox for me, how can i enjoy something so much when it wasn’t mine to grow up with. Why do i not relish the old 30 – song mp3 players that i had growing up as a kid. The reason for me is simple – music when i was a kid was shit. Seriously shit, like god awful. And i know there were some good albums Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, The Marshal Mathers LP, Even Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park (a guilty pleasure for me) but nothing spectacular still. My dad may have alot of influence over me here, i grew up listening to a few of my own favourite bands but mostly his. I remember sitting on my dads lap as a kid scrolling through the windows media player store (can’t believe he used that and not iTunes) on our massively ironic ‘tiny PC’ and picking out Marvin Gaye, The Human League, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack, even Meatloaf for a short period of time and thinking this is the best music ever. Again probably a biased viewpoint – i have a friend who grew up listening to the Stone Roses, Nick Cave, David Bowie and the Velvet Underground so its all relative really.

Anyway, my point is that my music taste today is very music a successor of my dads taste as a kid – so when i opened the massive green chest in his bedroom to find about 300- or so records including the likes of Stevie, Bobby Womack etc i was ecstatic. I never wanted to play something so much in my life, dad was kinda of reluctant to play them – “its alot of effort” he said. And thats just it, that’s what makes it so great for me, it is difficult to find a good record and find time to sit down and play them. But when you do you can fully appreciate the music, the words the drums; everything. The feeling you get from dropping the stylus down on a freshly bought record is indescribable, the brief pause of static before it all jumps to life is invigorating.

I recently took up a project to create a record out of wood using a laser cutter. It sounds mad, but its been done before – i want to use the instructable left by designer Amanda Ghassaei to convince people that the tactile quality of a record is a feature that makes them incomparable to CDs, Cassettes and digital music as a whole. Records put up a fight, you can scratch them throw glue on them even spray paint them like i did and they will still work. (to an extent) Their charm is their downfall, the one thing that makes them unique is their kryptonite in the digital age. Anyway –

here are some images of the spray-painted record:


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