My “Style”

When you are studying at University you hear this type of nonsense thrown around a-lot. I have literally seen people spend hundreds of hours of time, thinking and pondering their style and in their minds how they can be the next Jonathan Barnbrook or Milton Glaser. In reality such a feat is impossible, not because both Barnbrook and Glaser are omnipotent celestial-beings; but because you can never be someone else. And frankly, why would you want to? It annoys me beyond belief because i see such talented people and all they do is fill their heads with concern about what they will be in the ultimate end. I would also be lying if i said i wasn’t one of these people…

So. Jack. What do i do to stop myself thinking in such a toxic manner? I could become a monk, sell all my belongings and just migrate to a uninhabited section of the globe. Or. I could just try my best not to have “idols” but to learn to appreciate people’s work for what it is, theirs. We don’t have inherent styes, we aren’t typefaces – we change and develop over long periods of time and we really don’t stop, or at least we shouldn’t. If you find yourself in a comfortable seat, then better move to the one covered in nails and snakes. Because comfort is boring, and it puts a stopper in your development – those people who have found their style are really just the ones who have gotten comfortable.

And i am definitely out of my comfort zone with this blog.


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